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The Hole Event is a fraternal organization consisting of men who organize and host anonymous gang bang events for women. Anonymity of the woman (known to the group a the hole) is assured by placing the upper body and torso of the hole into an enclosure thus exposing only the genitals of the hole. This offers the hole the opportunity to explore the excitement of group sex, in this case a gang bang without the worry of judgement or exposure to friends, family, co-workers, or spouses. Many of our holes have significant others, and in some cases that person may participate indirectly, in a cuckold capacity. Male members of our group are well vetted men of all races, religions, nationalities, and creeds, who enjoy bringing the exhillaration of a gang bang to women who seek such experiences. We focus on the needs of the hole both physically and psychologically and work hard to provide our holes with an enjoyable memorable experience, that in so many cases leaves them coming back time and time again for more!

Meet The Holes

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Hole 1

Our first hole is Pennsylvania native and excited to serve the needs of the group.

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The event I attended was amazing. Everyone seemed to have a great time! Hole 1 was in the box and wow can she take a cock! Everyone got a turn and a few guys even came back for seconds. It's a clean safe friendly sex positive environment and I can't say enough about the organizers and the lengths they go to in order to make the event special for all involved. I can't wait for the next event and definitely look forward to doing it again!
Jonathan Smith
Men Warrior

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We’ve taken sex to the next level for so many but who’s keeping track!

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Whether your looking to join the group as a fraternal brother, or a prospective hole event guest of honor, The Hole Event offers The Premier Reverse Glory Hole Annonymous Gang Bang Experience.

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